General Budget data

The broad budget breakdown is based on the Draft Budget 2015-16 documents released by The City of Cape Town on their website.

You can view them here.

Capital Projects Data

The interactive map is based on  Annexure 1 – Draft Capital Budget Detail pdf document that lists all of the capital projects. We scraped the data from this document and created a spreadsheet which we used for the interactive map.

In order to make the map more comprehensive we disaggregated projects allocated to sub-councils into their respective wards to give a better idea of where the capital budget is being spent.

Download the draft budget 2015-16 capital projects spreadsheet:

Detailed Ward Data

The ward councillor details are  pulled from Code for South Africa’s data repository. You can access the dataset here.

The demographic information for each ward is pulled from WaziMap, a Code for South Africa interactive map project that allows you to explore demographic data from the 2011 census and from 2014 elections.

Photo credit: Masixole Feni